Wow! Ionic 4 + React is Ready That I Can Rebuild My App

Since Ionic 4 was released, I started to follow all news from Ionic official newsletter. I’m a depth user of React, so when I received the email notification that Ionic 4 + React is ready, it’s really exciting news for me!

I have developed a PWA project with my partner, it’s called “Mostore” and offers deep integration with WooCommerce. The stack is ReactJS + Redux and Ant Design UI framework, however, after we released it on Themeforest, we have received many feedbacks that ask me whether it’s cross-platform or not, it means they want to publish their WooCommerce shop App as PWA, iOS App, and Android App. This is a question, you know if only wrap the PWA into a native App with the webview is not perfect as well as the user experience. So I was always looking for a cross-platform solution to rebuilding this App.

I was thought to use React Native Web library or go straight to develop the React Native version, but finally, I gave up, ’cause I don’t want to increase maintenance costs, after all, this project only makes very less profit for me. 

No doubt that Ionic 4 React’s arrival will make things easy! I don’t need to rewrite the logic part once more, especially, the complex redux statement management, but only replace the UI components from Ant Design Framework to Ionic UI, that’s it! 

BTW, the visual of Ionic UI Framework looks really amazing! Looking forwards to work with Ionic 4!