Typography problems, the biggest cause of rejection on Themeforest

I’ve submitted seven wordpress themes to Themeforest so far, and there are 4 themes got approved, the rest of those three themes were rejected. In the most cases, the reviewer usually only tell me the general reasons and very little suggestions.

First of all I think typography problems are the biggest cause of rejection. In my failure experiences, the reviewer provided me some useful articles for my design ability improvement, the most impressive thing is that typography design.

A reviewer told me a very good article from iA which is worth to read – “Web Design is 95% Typography“, I was very enlightened.  I think we need to pay attention to three main points in typograhy design.


Sometimes, they often point me out the readable issues in my design, for example, the white background color and the light grey text color looks pretty clean, but unreadable.  You know this kind of studpid problems will kill your design, ’cause the most important purpose of web design is let the visiters to read, isnt’ it?  In a word, we should let the visitors know what it is.


As my understanding, there are two parts of hierarchy – Visual and Logic. For visual hierarchy, I usually use font matching, shapes or color to enhance it. And for logic hierarchy,  I often start from the spacing control, especially poetic space art. Simply, we need to enhance the important content and tell the visitors which you should focus on. 

Font Selection

It doesn’t mean that typography is font selection, but don’t forget a word “Text is the interface”, the font selection is very important for the typograhy design. if you don’t understand it, just try going through all of the Web designs that you love, strip out the images and ask yourself “how would that website look with just text and spacing?”.

Just  enjoy in these two websites Information Architects and Zen Habits. You’ll know what mean about “Text is interface.”

In this article,  I just summed up the general reasons why my submissions failed on typograhy. Hope it’ll profit you.


The picture credit: Son of Groucho

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