Themeforest Authors, how you deal with your rejected themes?

There are many authors talked about their rejected themes on the Themeforest Forum, actually some of those themes are really looks very good and useful, but unfortunately they just doesn’t reach the themeforest requirement, however, it’s not said these themes are become useless for end-user, right? 

I’m always think about how to deal with rejected themes. I have asked this question on the themeforest forum, and some authors told me that they prefer to start a new theme based on the rejected theme, because there are many ready functions and code snippets you can use for the new theme without rework, and they are not recommend to submit the rejected themes to the other marketplaces, for example, Mojo Themes / Mojo marketplace or Creative Market, because they doesn’t have enough traffic on their website everyday so that maybe you won’t get some sales there, but you have to spend times on support service, it’s not worth to do as this. So, um… varies in each individual.

I have tried to submit my rejected themes to both Mojo marketplace and Creative Market,  and I got 50 sales so far and there are not too many support questions, not bad yet, it’s better than nothing. I’ve also submitted the same one  to  Creative Market with 100% GPL, no sales at all, not sure the reason.

The other solution to deal with the rejected theme – create own theme shop. In my view, if you’re good at the online marketing or you own a popular blog which has good traffic,  or you want to practice your marketing skill, start your own theme shop is a good choice, it’s very freedom, otherwise,  it’s not worth to do, simply no traffic no sales, why not spend your times to do something you’re good at? At least I prefer to spend my times on  my design improvement.

Sometimes, I think hybrid solution is also an option. Since we won’t get a big sales on the other marketplace, I was thought about why not sell our works with nonexclusive license and publish them on our theme shop meanwhile?

Anyway, whatever you are going to do, remember our final purpose is improve our design, provide awesome product to users and make it popular, just do what you can.

4 thoughts on “Themeforest Authors, how you deal with your rejected themes?

  1. James elli

    Themeforest is a saturated market thats why even elegant themes are rejected there.In case if your theme got approved, it is soon become invisible due to the
    arrival of new items.Solution to this issue is that Authors can submit their themes on those marketplaces which are less saturated like where
    chances of approval are high as well as number of sales because your item will not be made invisble by rapid new arrivals.

    1. badjohnny Post author

      @James elli, Are you the webmaster of Happy to know your site through your promote comment, looks you are using Marketify theme, right? Anyway, happy to see a new market is growing.

  2. M. Armstrong

    I’ve always thought most themes from Themeforest, Elegant Themes and a few other well know marketplaces are more or less copy-pasted; a designer comes with a shiny theme, it gets accepted and it sales, all designers reproduce it with slight modifications and try to sell them.

    I’ve been struggling for years to buy ready made templates for various freely available open source CMSs for lists (not ad listings) – people tend to do web curation more and more as search engines come up with thick manuals to be learnt and implemented in order to get their attention; from compiling nice looking lists of resources on particular subjects to wishlists, post categories and whatnot.

    Right now most of them look more or less the same, they’re way too shiny or way too flat, too much javascript and effects, too extensible and adjustable and too little seo friendly despite claiming the opposite. Maybe I’m wrong though.

    So, to get back on topic, I’d love to see some absolutely ‘abnormal’ templates out there, something that Themforest won’t accept. For a few months in 2012, when the hipster-style designs emerged, I was certain that “indie” templates, so to speak, would quickly earn a market of their own. I couldn’t see anything past the slim tall fancy fonts arranged in various patterns. The font industry seems to have obtained this status.

    Does a marketplace with such templates exist? I’m sure there are plenty people like me who don’t have the budget to invest $1000 in a custom made template but would like a different design school for their projects.

    Or am I not seeing this from the correct angle?

    1. John Wu Post author

      Hi, I’m not sure I exactly understand you. I have the same feeling that there are too many similar themes in the Themeforest, with too many effects, options and demos so that it’s not easy to use for the normal users.

      However, in fact, if author make a ‘abnormal’ theme, maybe it won’t be approved or the author will only get less sales. So, the authors usually trys their best to make a fully customizable and multiple purpose theme in order to have good sales.

      I haven’t been found any unique & ‘abnormal’ themes in those popular marketplaces, if the authors make their theme very unique, maybe it will not highly customizable, you can’t have your cake and eat it. 🙂

      In currently, maybe the best solution is buy a ‘normal’ theme, do some custom works based on this theme to make your website looks different, it’s a balanced solution between unique and budget.


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