My Three Years Experience With Linode VPS


First of all, thanks for Linode provided me a very stable and fast hosting in my business start stage and their prompt support.  Now I’ve leaved Linode, but I’m not mean that something is bad, just because I’m not quite familar with the Linux server knowledge, so every times when my VPS broken down, I have to spend too many times to learn how to fix it, it’s really hard for me (a Linux beginner) and actually I just wanted to focus on my business, that’s why I moved to the other managed hosting.  I just wanna share my three years experience, hope it’s helpful for you if you are considering to buy the Linode VPS.

Well Documented & Phenomenal Support

linode support

Linode has a very detailed knowledge base. You can find many useful guides & tutorials to help you getting started step by step. Every times if I opened a ticket for the support, they were always give me a right direction to fix the issue within 1-2 hours, however, I’m a Linux idiot, sometimes I still can’t fix the issue even they gave me some very detailed guides, so if you are also not familar with Linux, you should consider it carefully before you buy, because Linode’s support will only give you a right direction, but will not help you to fix it, you have to do it by yourself. This is the biggest question for me, so as I said, I moved to a managed hosting. In a word, you should have a good Linux skill at least, or choose their managed plan, but it’s very expensive.

Effective Community Forum

linode forum

For learning Linux purposes, I often view the community forum and ask questions there, in the most cases, I can get the useful informations there and learn much about Linux knowledges or help me to fix the server issue. There are many beginners and seniors can help each other, so it’s really a good place to learning something.

High Cost Performance

linode plans

I was purchased the first plan in 2012, 1GB Ram and 1TB Traffic with $20/month. Fortunately, they upgraded all plans, so my VPS was upgraded to 2GB RAM and 2TB Traffic without increase the price. Now, they increased a basic plan which only need  $10/month cost with 1GB Ram and 1TB Traffic, I think it’s so economic price, isn’t it? You know, many shared webhosting are sold for $7/month. Just compare all the plans here.


If you are good at server configuration or you are interested in Linux learning, I think Linode is so awesome for you. But, like me, if you are not good at the Linux and want to focus on your business, please considering it carefully.

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