My first impression about Mojo Marketplace


I’m always hard working on Themeforest, I have released a new wordpress theme but it was rejected, I don’t want to waste my times I spent on this theme, so I tried to submit it to Mojo Marketplace and it was approved finally! To be honest, at first, I don’t think it will get more sales here than published on Themeforest, because Themeforest has huge traffic and buyers.

After it published two days, there’s no sales always, I’m very disappoint so that I was not pay attention to Mojo marketplace any more and start to design a new theme, however, one day in deep night, I was awaked up by the email notification voice from my iPhone, so I checked it, OMG! I’m so surprise that it was got 7 sales suddenly! It feels like selling on Themeforest, but it’s Mojo! A new marketplace which is still under beta version!

In next 3 days, it was keeping 4-5 sales per day until today, I’m not sure how about the sales in the future. Anyway, I’m already satisfied.

Let’s me talk about my first impression about Mojo marketplace. Actually, I’ve also published the theme to Mojo-themes, however, I was only get two sales, oops! I think mojo-themes is not enough unique so that it’s not Themeforest’s opponent, but Mojo Marketplace is different competely, it has a very unique and powerful feature is that they integrated marketplace to many web hostings, you can find it in the Cpanel that allow user to create their wordpress site with one-click install and user can login Mojo Marketplace directly with their web hosting account, I think it’s a very competitive feature!

In other side, the most of my clients are from Unite States, and Mojoness company is based in such a large internet country, there are too many resource and opportunities for them, so I’m very looking forward to their future!

5 thoughts on “My first impression about Mojo Marketplace

  1. Tim

    Hi, Johnny, May I know your rate? ‘Cause I’m looking for a WordPress designer, I’m planning to create an exclusive theme, so I need help. Hope your reply.


    1. badjohnny Post author

      Hi, Tim

      Thanks for your comment, unfortunately, I’m not provide customization service in currently, because I need enough time to stay focus on Themeforest. 🙂

  2. James elli

    Themeforest and mojo both are saturated markets thats why even elegant themes are rejected there.In case if your theme got approved, it is soon become invisible due to the
    arrival of new items.Solution to this issue is that Authors can submit their themes on those marketplaces which are less saturated like where
    chances of approval are high as well as number of sales because your item will not be made invisble by rapid new arrivals.

    1. John Wu Post author

      Mojo themes has less traffic than Themeforest, so I usually only upload my rejected themes to MOJO, it’s a choice, but not the first I think.


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