Life’s like a box of chocolate

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I have always token Forrest Gump for a lovely man. His mama told him that life’s like a box of chcolate, you will never know what you’ll get, I know exactly the feel after all these years. I’ve had a few years of drifting life,  between the different abodes, walked in all kinds of people, I know the life has been never easily, for example, before a minute I was happying for some suprise, but after a minute I will fall in difficulties, life has ups and downs, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so I understand that keep a peaceful mind in any time, and whatever how many people is endeavouring to disarm me, I just need to find where is the sunbeam, then, I will always be fine, at the final, as Forrest said, stupid as stupid does it, surely, tomorrow is belong to the hard working man, I will be a winner.

2 thoughts on “Life’s like a box of chocolate

  1. Roger

    Blog in English, good for you, man! Did you design the theme of your blogger yourself? I love it. It’s simple but beautiful!

    1. badjohnny Post author

      Firstly, thanks for your praised, however, it’s not designed by myself, it’s a very simple & clean theme shared on for free, I like minimal style, so, just use it.


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