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What’s the future of niche themes in the WordPress industry?

WordPress theme design

I entered into WordPress Theme development field several years ago. In the first three years I provided the customization service to my clients, and then I joined Envato Market and sell my WordPress Theme on Themeforest since 2013. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings over the years and sometimes I feel confused, so I just want to discuss about what the future of niche themes is on Themeforest.

Integrated NHP Options Framework into your WordPress Theme

Before 3 years, I have started to customize the WordPress Theme for my clients, and most clients do not know any CSS, HTML or PHP knowledge, so they hit harded coding when they want to change the settings, then I was googling and found NHP Options Framework, at that time, it’s a big surprise for me! Generally speaking, I like its two columns layout, such as woothemes options, and there are many kinds of options integrated, it’s easy using. If you are also a WordPress designer or developer and looking for such a option framework, I strongly recommend it!

Sorry for my nagging, now I will talk about how to intergrate NHP Options FrameWork into the WordPress Theme. As I said above, it’s easy using, just follow me!

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Use BackWPup plugin and Dropbox to backup your WordPress


Frankly speaking, I’m a lazy man, I often forget to backup my WordPress and I hate to manual backup the data and all the images files at intervals,once my VPS is crash so that I have lost all my data and image files, it made me crack up, until I found BackWPup plugin. 🙂

Now I use BackWPup plugin and Dropbox to backup  all my  WordPress sites, that’s so great! The plugin will auto backup the data and files and upload the file to my dropbox, then, the dropbox will auto-sync all the backup files to my local computer! Now I would like to share my experience to you. Continue reading

Build an one page portfolio website with WordPress

No doubt that the one page portfolio website is more and more popular in this year. It seems that it’s simple and clean, however, it’s not very easy to intergrate the one page system in WordPress, because you must think about how to sync the navigation menu and each page sections, this is one of a big nodus, and the other nodus is how to call the loop of each page sections on the home page. I will discuss how to make an one page portfolio WordPress Theme in the following tutorials, I’m emphasizing the most important steps.

First of all, nothing will make it easier than using a Ready One Page WordPress Theme, actually, we only need the one page framework, so whatever how about the appearance of this theme. For example, you can looking for a free or premium One Page WordPress Theme on google or Themeforest. All codes in this tutorials are from SimpleKey Theme. Well, let’s get down to bussiness!

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