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My Three Years Experience With Linode VPS


First of all, thanks for Linode provided me a very stable and fast hosting in my business start stage and their prompt support.  Now I’ve leaved Linode, but I’m not mean that something is bad, just because I’m not quite familar with the Linux server knowledge, so every times when my VPS broken down, I have to spend too many times to learn how to fix it, it’s really hard for me (a Linux beginner) and actually I just wanted to focus on my business, that’s why I moved to the other managed hosting.  I just wanna share my three years experience, hope it’s helpful for you if you are considering to buy the Linode VPS. Continue reading

Typography problems, the biggest cause of rejection on Themeforest

First of all I think typography problems are the biggest cause of rejection. In my failure experiences, the reviewer provided me some useful articles for my design ability improvement, the most impressive thing is that typography design.

A reviewer told me a very good article from iA which is worth to read – “Web Design is 95% Typography”, I was very enlightened. I think we need to pay attention to three main points in typograhy design.

What’s the future of niche themes in the WordPress industry?

WordPress theme design

I entered into WordPress Theme development field several years ago. In the first three years I provided the customization service to my clients, and then I joined Envato Market and sell my WordPress Theme on Themeforest since 2013. There are a lot of thoughts and feelings over the years and sometimes I feel confused, so I just want to discuss about what the future of niche themes is on Themeforest.

Designers, don’t leave yourself alone

MagicBook Flipping Book Theme

Just sharing my four years freelancing experience.

As a freelancer, the first important thing I have to consider is that I eagerly need stable income to maintain my livelihood. Almost all the earnings in the first two years are from my web design service in my country, I got a couple of common problems when I started, How to find the clients? How to get better prices? Well, let’s me start to tell you my stories and I summed up the a few main points of my experience, hope it will help some new freelancers.

My first impression about Mojo Marketplace


I’m always hard working on Themeforest, I have released a new wordpress theme but it was rejected, I don’t want to waste my times I spent on this theme, so I tried to submit it to Mojo Marketplace and it was approved finally! To be honest, at first, I don’t think it will get more sales here than published on Themeforest, because Themeforest has huge traffic and buyers.

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