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Why I turn to Buddhism?

At the very early first, I was an atheist, now I’m a buddhist, you may ask me why, actually they are not confict with each other. People often say that buddha bless me please, will buddha really appear and help us? I don’t know, but I prefer to believe that actually buddha is always live in our deep heart, however, most of the time, we can’t find him and it’s difficult for us to hear from him, because of too many noise around us.

The last day in 2013


Like my wife said, if you are working hard for your dream every day, the whole world will help you. Yes, she’s right.

In this year, I have the honor to join Envato market, to meet some warmhearted people, they were help me to improve my designing works, translate the product documentation, etc.

The most important is I’ve met a good friend, he was tell me more interest things about Zen.

Anyway, I have benefited a lot from them, thanks all the friends, Thanks Bodhisattva!

In the next year, I hope both you and me will be better and better, especially, I wish my English will be improved as soon as human possible, haha…

ThemeVan,You are the bomb!


A special birthday, I have a big gift 😀 A New car (Gifted by myself), I hope all my friends will make their dreams come true in the near future, especially, my partners 🙂 Also, my wife make a beautiful DIY cake and wrote that “ThemeVan, Bomb!” it means that “ThemeVan, you are the bomb!”, haha! My biggest wish in this year is that ThemeVan will be better and better.

Life’s like a box of chocolate

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I have always token Forrest Gump for a lovely man. His mama told him that life’s like a box of chcolate, you will never know what you’ll get, I know exactly the feel after all these years. I’ve had a few years of drifting life,  between the different abodes, walked in all kinds of people, I know the life has been never easily, for example, before a minute I was happying for some suprise, but after a minute I will fall in difficulties, life has ups and downs, you never know what’s going to happen tomorrow, so I understand that keep a peaceful mind in any time, and whatever how many people is endeavouring to disarm me, I just need to find where is the sunbeam, then, I will always be fine, at the final, as Forrest said, stupid as stupid does it, surely, tomorrow is belong to the hard working man, I will be a winner.

Got gold paw on ThemeForest

To my suprise, I got gold paw on ThemeForest with only one WordPress Theme! Actually speaking, I’m not like the current theme very much, I think I need to improve many details, not only web design, but also web front-end codes, I promise that the next theme will be better, haha!

Let’s get to the point, thanks for all my buyers and Themeforest, you make my little dream come true 🙂 Less than half year, I can buy a new car and new Mac Pro by myself, that’s because of you! Thanks again, my friends!

I believe I will be better and better in the future and provide you more awesome WordPress themes or the other products, and good support service.